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Cherish Every Memory with The Champagne Cork Keeper

The Champagne Cork Keeper is a beautiful display for your unused corks. But it’s more than that. It’s also a stylish addition to your home decor.

Not only does one drink champagne, but one inhales it, one looks at it, one swallows it … And one drinks it – Edward VII…
and NOW one saves the cork to remember all those beautiful memories!

As a local interior designer at Zhoosh Interior Creations, owner Michelle Henderson often included a custom-made Cork Keeper in many of her client’s homes over the years. With this in mind, she quickly recognized a gap in the local and international markets. She consequently set out to produce and market the Cork Keeper in South Africa.

As we all know South African’s love their local MCC and wines. As such, we all use (and often toss) many corks in our lifetime. So now we have a locally designed product to store all our corks and muselet’s. It can be beautifully displayed in a bar, kitchen, wine cellar, or dining room.

A wonderful gift idea

The Cork Keeper also makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Think celebration ideas like Christmas, Birthday’s, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Anniversaries and more. It gives you the ideal solution to the gifting question: ‘what do you give someone who has everything?’

A local design and fabrication company was brought on board to work on the intricate design. All raw materials are locally sourced in South Africa. The design and first commercial production took place in 2021 over several months. The final product was made available in Natural Wood, White and Charcoal. The company can also custom make the Cork Keeper in any company’s brand colour, especially for the retail market.

The Bubbles Bar Collection

With the retail and commercial market in mind, The Cork Keeper has also been adapted to house MCC and Champagne collections for South African companies producing or importing Champagnes and MCCs called the ‘Bubbles Bar’ collection. This is set to launch later in the year in South Africa. This unit is much more detailed using acrylic boxes inside the base unit with bubble impressions and LED lighting to display an on-trade collection.

The Cork Keeper also attracts many international customers as they recognise its unique design and quality. Furthermore, the product can also be personalized, changing the graphics and text on the glass, which has been done for many local clients.

All in all the Cork Keeper or Champagne Cork keeper as we love to call it, is a unique and luxurious handmade local product for any home or restaurant.

For more visit The Champagne Cork Keeper.

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