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Bold & Boho – Is Bohemian Design Still A Thing?

When you hear the word ‘Boho’ what exactly comes to mind? Possibly a style embraced by creative artists only in past decades… or perhaps you envision a space where colour and texture and fabric run wild. Over the past few seasons, minimalist design has taken centre stage in the world of design, but is there still a place for bold and Bohemian design? Let’s take a closer look…

According to the team from Hommes Studio, Boho design has also been termed ‘the style of free souls’. It is usually valued for its naturalness, nonchalance, and comfort, but also for the unhindered freedom in choosing patterns, materials, and cuts.

In many ways, Boho style also draws inspiration from the exotic – distant places and travel adventures. It brings with it a touch of the unconventional and the quirky… the bright and even the shocking.

Where does this style come from?

Boho style started in the 70s when young people were breaking away from the mould of tradition. There was a growing need to forge their own identities. It was therefore birthed out of a need to stand out and be noticed. People were fulfilling a longing for originality.

Apparently, this trend was first called ‘ethno’, which refers to folk culture. Although by definition it can refer to any culture, in interior design it is mainly about the cultures of Africa, Australia, and South America.

The word ‘boho’ comes from the word ‘bohema‘. Bohema was a distinctive group of artists – writers, painters, musicians, and actors leading a nomadic lifestyle. They did not fit in with existing frameworks and conventions. The free time of the 19th-century artistic bohemianism was filled with travels, parties, meetings in cafés, and vernissages.

Is it still relevant today?

Just like in the 1970s, today we also see a need to be original and create spaces that have meaning and break from convention. Subsequently, Boho style still has its place. It gives people the freedom of choice to let their personalities shine and create authentic and individual spaces to live and be merry.

Today, interiors in the bohemian style are a feast of colours, patterns, and stylistic conventions. The mish-mash, strong colours, and a festival of patterns collected from a variety of styles: ethnic, psychedelic, floral, folk and geometric – these are its hallmarks.

The truth is, there are many variations of this style today. You may really like just one statement boho piece, and that is okay. A scandi boho style is one such variation, which takes a ton of elements from the Scandinavian style. The boho in this edition is maintained in subdued colours. A good choice is decorations in the form of cushions, carpets, baskets, bedspreads, paintings, and potted plants.


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  1. Carida Ortiz

    June 27, 2021

    Where can I buy that poster bed??

    • Marcia

      July 2, 2021

      It a studio setting Mx

  2. Sandy

    July 1, 2021

    I’ve known no other style ever that really resonates with me. This is the first time I read about it being part of the Free Spirited. Which I am. I’m not a designer but I have always rejected those (in my opinion) awful bedroom sets, living room sets, etc that carry the soul and inspiration of another, and leave no room for my own creativity. Being different in that way among my predominantly class and culture has usually brought comments of lack of “bling” or questions about, why not this beautiful SET instead?! So I’ve felt a bit misunderstood but ultimately have never betrayed who I am and how I want to feel and express myself at my own home, to follow that “mainstream” surrounding me. I’ve gone from exorbitant bold colors and patterns to more soothing ones now in my older years. Bohemia is me, boho makes me happy!

    • Marcia

      July 1, 2021

      Feel exactly the same … love the textures and mixtures of patterns! I so agree with you ! Fondest Marcia


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