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Bleau Art Decor: Epoxy & Wood – The Perfect Blend

Over the past season, we’ve seen a magical homeware trend on the rise – the introduction of beautiful Epoxy Resin + Wood homeware and decor. There is something mesmerising about the contrast of raw, natural wood alongside smooth, vibrant resin. All of which are captured into one timeless piece for your home. At Bleau Art Decor you will find the latest in Epoxy Resin and Wood homeware – locally handcrafted to add a vibrant touch to your interior.

We chatted with the team from Bleau Art Décor to find out more about this intriguing manufacturing process and how the company came to be…

Tell us about the history of Bleau Art Decor Group and its brands?

Bleau Art Décor was born out of a desire to find a truly unique and custom dining room table for my home. After I discovered the immense appeal of resin art and design, I sought to find a maker in the country and simply couldn’t find one. With the popularisation of social media during covid, we are more exposed than ever to international trends, but they prove difficult to find locally, so I endeavoured to make it myself and to create a unique and globally desirable product that is proudly South African with international appeal.

Before Covid, I was making cheeseboards, tables for my home and resin art in my garage and mastering the art. However with Covid and spurred on by the covid movement restrictions, I buckled down and launched the brand. Bleau Art Décor now has permanent and temporary employees and we have a focus on continuous improvement as we master the art, and refine the product and quality standards.

Tell us about the philosophy of the brand?

As a South African business, where we come from and our experiences that are core to who we are, serving to guide us in how we operate and how we impact our world. In starting this business, this was core to us, and as a woman-owned and managed business, the intention was to build a business made by women, by training them to make quality products and to sell them. With this training, we aimed to encompass power tools training, product design and the tools of the trade, sales and general business management.

By deliberately attracting and uplifting women into manufacturing, the aim was to give them core skills that could enhance their lives long after Bleau Art Décor had touched them, whilst also deliberately creating a pipeline of women for manufacturing roles in various disciplines.

We’re finding more and more Consumers expect companies to have a sustainability focus. What is Bleau Art Decor doing to address this?

The Bleau Art Décor sustainability focus is embedded in our Brand Philosophy, which is to attract young women, train and empower them in working with power tools, design thinking and core business skills. All of these can benefit them in their lives and in their communities.

An example is that the tools we give them can help to de-risk an element in their environment and keep them safe from GBV by upskilling them to use construction tools which can empower them to fix cupboards in their homes, for instance, reducing the need to outsource assistance which could put them at risk.

What’s the secret behind your collection that makes it so unique?

Bleau Art Décor pieces are individually designed, making each piece completely unique. We have an eye for selecting live edge wood with expressive, decorative grains and this gives off a grounded and earthy appeal. Resin wood combinations are on trend globally, but beyond carpentry expertise, we apply an artistic interpretation to our pieces, making them desirable.

What is your personal favourite piece in your current collections and why?

I love every piece we make, as no product ever looks the same, but my current favourite is the Morro Side Table that pairs a live edge Wild Olive Wood with a grey resin, and no matter how many of them we make, using different off cuts of the Wild Olive, with varying live edges, the colour palette always results in a charming and unique combination.

Any upcoming campaigns that our readers should be aware of?

We are offering a site-wide 10% off across the website, and 15% off side tables, including table custom orders, for the Month of June. All products are made to order and take 2 – 6 weeks for delivery, depending on the product.

Clients can purchase directly off the Bleau Art Decor website, or request a custom order of the product reflected on the website. Here you’ll find a beautiful selection of homeware including trays, cheeseboards and coasters. Furthermore, all of the items boast exquisite detailing, with a blend of wood and coloured resin. Each piece has been beautifully handcrafted and locally made here in South Africa.

It’s easy to see why this trend is so appealing too! We’re drawn to the clean, mirror glass finish of these products as is its creator. There is something magical and artistic about the end product with a contemporary and eye-catching look embedded in each finished creation.

For more visit Bleau Art Decor.

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