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Supreme Mouldings: How To Decorate With Mirrors

Bring renewed energy and purpose to your room with a striking mirror as a focal point. Mirrors have stood the test of time and we can see why these small but powerful fixtures are worthy assets in interior design. Here we share some pro advice to help you decorate your space with a mirror.

In the Bathroom

Whether you’re decorating a master bathroom, a guest loo or even a children’s bath area, a mirror is a staple in any bathroom. Be sure that you mount your bathroom mirror at eye level to whoever will be frequenting the space. There is no use in mounting your ensuite mirror high up against the wall, when you can’t even see yourself in it! Measure up and be sure to get the height right the first time.

When mounting a bathroom mirror, choose a piece that will act as a focal point in the room. A bold frame or interesting shape can give your bathroom a more modern and updated feel.

In the living room

Be purposeful with your placement of mirrors in your living space. Mirrors are great for reflecting the things you love here. Whether light, beauty, nature, art or more – place a mirror in a strategic spot to allow it to reflect the things that matter most. Mirrors are also very versatile in a decorating theme. They fit into any style or design, and you can use different sizes and shapes to enhance your living room.

 In the bedroom

Mirrors take on more of a practical purpose in the bedroom. Use it to style an empty wall or create a focal point where you can get dressed in the morning. Full-length mirrors are often your best bet for the bedroom as they offer greater viewing capability. You could mount a large mirror on a door or wall; or opt for a modern freestanding mirror which can rest in a corner of the room. A full-length mirror between two windows can also help to spread light around a room, and enhance a more relaxed ambience.

Shop a comprehensive range of mirrors at Supreme Mouldings. Here you will find a style, shape and size to suit any room in the house. The main warehousing and distribution hub is located in Robertville, Johannesburg with branches in Cape Town and Durban.

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