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Supreme Mouldings: How To Decorate With Botanical Prints

Create a trendy botanical theme in your interior with beautiful greenery and botanical prints from Supreme Mouldings. A simple framed botanical print can bring colour, texture and definition to your favourite space. Here we share a few tips to help you decorate with botanicals and bring a real sense of freshness indoors.

Have fun with beautiful designs

When it comes to nature-inspired prints and patterns, variety is the spice of life. Choose from oversized botanicals to leaves, the anatomy of a plant, or the intricate details that make up the flora we see in our gardens. A single framed print can bring a wonderful burst of colour to a room, but you can also have some fun with beautiful botanical designs and create a gallery wall or focal point of grouped prints. Top tip: Group prints in odd numbers i.e 3 or 5 prints on a focal wall – for added appeal. Choose prints in complementary shades or patterns to keep things uniform.

DIY your own botanical print decor…

  • Pick a few flowers or leaves and dry press them. You can do this by laying your selection on white paper and then placing a heavy object on the top for a week or more, until your botanicals are perfectly dry and flat. Add to a beautiful frame and hang your creation on a wall.
  • Get the kids involved and use leaves and foliage in different sizes to create your own custom artwork. You could paint the leaves and use these as stamps on paper. Or you could paste an arrangement of leaves and petals on a large page and frame.
  • Print your favourite botanicals on canvas or frame them and place above a mantel, in the bedroom or even in a bathroom for a fresh burst of colour.

Alternatively, leave the design up to the professionals and choose from an exquisite collection of botanicals available from Supreme Mouldings. Pair with your favourite frame and you’ll have a masterpiece for life!

Think out of the box

Your interior decor is a reflection of your own personal style. Create a customised design with your favourite prints and tie this into the overall design of your room. How do you begin? With a bold botanical print framed and on display, you could enhance the look with fresh or dried blooms in a vase, a bold greenery wallpaper design, or a mix of natural elements on display in your room.

Choose nature-inspired colours to complement the botanicals and make the most of your space. Touches of green, beige, brown and red are perfect hues to enhance a nature-inspired interior design.

Start off with a superior frame and let your creativity soar from there! Supreme Mouldings is a supplier of quality picture frame mouldings as well as a comprehensive range of architectural and decor mouldings. Supreme Mouldings strives for excellence in every product and service.

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