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Pick of The Week: Lor Müller Art To Warm Up Your Winter Interior

Add warmth to your winter interior with bespoke prints from Lor Müller Art. This is a great way to spice things up and create a cosy environment with a focus on colour and creativity.

Did you know art has the following benefits in interior design:

  • Texture. Not sure how to add texture to a room? Art is a great way to add that extra dimension to a room. It’s a wonderful play on textures and tones to enhance your design.
  • Originality. Art is a great way to bring a unique and original look to your space. It’s a way to communicate your personality and create a special room that you absolutely love.
  • Enhance a colour scheme. Find art to complement the tones of your room, or better yet, use your favourite artwork as the central piece from which all other colours in your scheme flow.

This beautiful, abstract artwork from Lor Müller Art will add all of the above to your winter interior. Majestic art pieces like this one brings with it a depth of colour, texture and beauty that is hard to accomplish through any other design elements in a space.

Who is Lor Muller?

Lor is a Cape Town-based artist who is married and raising two spunky little girls….all whilst working a nine to five in the corporate retail world where she largely gets to be very creative! She studied art + art theory as a subject followed by jewellery design and manufacture. In 2015 she won the Jewelex award for best design for one of her pieces in London.

Lor has spent years drawing, designing, sketching & painting pieces for homes, offices and nurseries.

You can find out more about her work online HERE.

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