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Lor Müller Art: An Adventure In Creativity

Art is a celebration of colour and form. It is an adventure in creativity and expression. This is true for Cape Town artist Lor Müller who creates beautiful designs, sketches and paintings that speak to the soul.

Born in Cape Town, married and raising two spunky little girls…. Lor Müller is a visionary artist who does all of this whilst working a nine to five in the corporate retail world where she largely gets to be very creative!

Tell us about your creative start and training.

I studied art + art theory as a subject followed by jewellery design and manufacture. In 2015 I won the Jewelex award for best design for one of my pieces in London. I am now lucky enough to head up a buying division, focussing on all things baby and nursery.

I have always had a love for all art forms, from painting and drawing to music and dance. Call it my happy place, my sanctuary, my little refuge if you will.

What sort of projects would you happily take on?

I’ve been asked by many over the years to draw, design, sketch and paint pieces for homes, offices and nurseries.

I do not have a fine art degree, but I do have a degree in just having fun and learning as I go … a lot of my skill is self-taught by countless hours of trial and error and trying new methods and mediums.

Where do you find inspiration to get creative?

I draw inspiration from everything and anything.. although my true love lies in watercolour, pen sketching and all things botanical.

Is all your artwork original?

Yes, every item that is available on the site has been hand-drawn or painted by Lor Muller. No images have been bought online. They are 100% original, which we now offer in print format. All pieces are hand created + limited edition prints are available in various sizes.

Tell us more about the quality of the digital print?

We print on Felix Schoeller rue fibre  200 gsm paper. We work with one of the top fine art digital printers in Cape Town. We scan the originals at a very high resolution. We do not screen print. All our prints are printed in Cape Town and then shipped across the country. 


Can clients get art commissioned?

Yes, send us an email and we will get back to you. We will need references and guidance as to what you would like. All commissioned pieces are quoted for individually.

Discover more online at Lor Muller Art.

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