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Lor Muller Art: 5 Ways To Style A Nursery With Art

The design of a nursery is possibly one of the most exciting projects you could take on. It’s a perfect time to get creative and embrace the child within. Here we share a few innovative ways to bring art into the nursery with some of our favourite designs by Lor Muller Art.

An ode to nature

Bring a natural element to the nursery and invest in nature-inspired artwork. Beautiful images of flora and fauna will add depth to the room and create a focal point on any wall. Nature also has a wonderful way of creating balance and a sense of calm in interior design. Both of these elements are essential in any nursery design.

We love the gorgeous black and white animal prints by Lor Muller Art for a designer touch in the nursery.

Style a wall shelf

Create a visual display of your child’s most prized items. A simple wooden shelf is a great way to enhance a blank wall and introduce creative expression and art.

The trick here is to keep it simple and sleek for a more modern touch. Don’t cram an open shelf with endless decor accessories. Choose only a few key pieces that make a statement.

Create a feature wall above the crib

Your child’s cot is where they will be spending a lot of time, especially in those first few months of life. Create a cosy and inviting space that you, and they, will enjoy. A few statement art pieces on the wall will not only add colour and pattern to the nursery but will also give your little one something magical to look at whilst they develop their own sense of visual perception in those formative weeks.

It’s a win-win! Your child will receive much-needed visual stimulation. And the room will take on a special, creative and inspired look. We love the beautiful Lor Muller art featured below with a beach or mountain scene.

Lean art against a wall

Bigger artworks can be framed and left freestanding in the nursery. Simply lean a large frame against an open wall for all to admire. Carefully place your framed artwork out of the reach of little fingers.

Top tip: Lean art against a wall near your feeder or rocking chair for a pop of colour and interest in this space.

Go for that on-trend minimalist look

Gone are the days of bright pastel blues and pinks in the nursery. Today, we’re all about a more contemporary aesthetic with a minimalist design style. Keep to a muted colour palette to achieve this look. Choose key art that will add definition. If you’ve chosen white or light walls, a wooden frame is a great way to add a sense of depth here.

Less is more. So be sure to choose accessories and furniture that you love. These will become the focal points of the whole space.

Shop the look at Lor Muller Art and bring a fresh and inspired look to your next nursery design.

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