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LeChe Autumn Trends We Love

After years of staying at home, people now want to create a vibrant, exciting, and inspiring living environment. It would be great to see more spaces reflecting the quirks and passions of their owners in 2022 and beyond. And let’s not forget about some colour and pattern. The things we love must always find their way into our homes, which is what they should be.

Expressive Decor

As with the newest fashion trends, it is the new emerging home decor trends that tempt us to update our homes – rather than change them completely. Everyone values comfort and warmth in their homes. This Autumn, the key decorating trend is definitely to be more expressive and emotional than ever before, as we reconnect with a world that felt far away last year. Choose bolder colours, embrace more patterns, mix styles if it makes you happy, and find joy in the unexpected.

LeChe offers a wide range of colour-infused products that will enhance and animate a space that was previously more neutral and minimalistic.

Make a big impact with small changes

Small changes like a bright pillow here or an impactful tablecloth will certainly make the room pop and also be revitalizing. A pillow is a simple, easy-to-change item and definitely not permanent. However, when placed with love, it can have a lasting effect on visitors. You just need to choose from a wide selection and let LeChe products make you fall in love again with your space.

You are sure to find items in LeChe’s online store that will suit your client’s expectations and character. While the interior industry continues to face shipment and stock challenges, we encourage you to support your local artists by shopping at LeChe.

Sustainability is on people’s minds for 2022, so they need to embrace local producers and incorporate a new outlook of support.

“There is nothing better than colour and a soft pillow landing on a crisp autumn day.”

Table cloths, table runners, statement pillows and so much more are available online at www.LeChe.co.za.

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