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Kleoniki Vanos Photography: Japandi Interiors & Artwork For Your Living Room

Selecting artwork for your living room can be a challenge. Where do you begin? How do you go about choosing the right piece? Japandi style is all about keeping things aligned to peace and serenity. It’s a great starting point in the selection of art for your home.

Kleoniki Vanos Photography shares more about this trend and how you can make better art choicecs to fit into with a Japandi way of life.

A peaceful interior style

In keeping with the Japandi style, colour trends are focusing on peace and serenity, the beauty of earth tones, natural greens, ocean inspired blues and subtle neutral are making headlines. For a cosy atmosphere, use darker hues on your walls, then add large, light coloured artwork to create balance and interest.

Beauty in Naturalism

A Japandi interior is more than just evoking minimalism into your living space, it’s about appreciating the beauty of naturalism. Additionally, it’s about trying to incorporate one or two statement pieces into your living room design to provide an intriguing focal point.

The Minimalist in You…

For minimalist lovers – the Japandi design trend is for you. It is the unicorn of both Scandi and Japanese styles. It focuses on neutral earth tones, sleek lines, lightweight natural materials and most importantly – organisation and decluttering.

Embrace the Japandi way of life and subsequently invest in art that creates a serene home. Visit Kleoniki Vanos Photography for more. Here you’ll find a range of original artwork to adorn your walls.

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