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Honey Badger Deco Presents Voronoi Wall Art

A unique algorithm that only a few people have mastered combines art with maths to create a real one of a kind portrait.  Voronoi Wall art by Honey Badger Deco is different and a little abstract and completely personalised so you can capture that special moment in a rare and unique way forever.

There are over 6000 cutouts that make up the portrait and bring it to life. Voronoi Wall art is made from 100% natural compressed pine, with no harmful additives. What’s more? Well, you can also send Honey Badger Deco your favourite picture and transform it into custom made Voronoi Wall art for an extra special personalised Christmas gift.

What exactly is Voronoi?

Voronoi diagrams are named after Georgy Voronoy (1868-1908), an eminent Russian/Ukrainian mathematician. A Voronoi diagram is a special kind of decomposition of a metric space that is determined by a discrete set of points. In art, this creates a beautifully intricate design that adds texture and depth to a space.

Why the Honey Badger?

Because Honey Badgers are fearless, bold and master problem solvers and the team strives for the same through decor. Honey Badger Deco is therefore modern, eco friendly and inspired by nature. A love of nature keeps the team mindful of products to minimize the impact on the environment.

“We do our best to be green and strive for great designs that are less wasteful and easy to recycle.”

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