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Mud Studio: Creating Jobs & Taking Decor To New Levels

The team from Mud Studio in the eastern Free State of South Africa, have been on a mission in 2019 – creating 68 new jobs through their outreach programme and pioneering the way ahead with striking earthy designs and ceramic decor that will surely leave a mark on the world of design this season.

At the heart of the business are the people who are involved in the meticulous manufacture and design of Mud’s renowned product line, which includes lighting, kitchenware, dinnerware, decor and more.

Their latest outreach programme has seen Mud develop and employ a number of new staff members to empower the local community. Their rural-empowerment clay-bead project is one such programme in which individuals are empowered in the craft of clay-bead making and in turn, are able to earn an income to take care of their own.

Mud’s work is now adorned around the world and can be found in designer stores around the world. Their innovations are praised for their earthy designs that connect us to nature and embrace the power and beauty of the natural world around us. They have recently completed a beautiful weaver nest for Tswalu, working alongside their very creative designer to achieve an exquisite end result.

“We are also currently working on a project for Maimi with oversized chandeliers, pods and lights. I think this place is going to rock with all the mud lights. And then we are further involved in a fabulous hotel in Dubai, with a total of 3500 kg tones of handmade clay beads that in bead terms is almost 7 000 000 handmade hand-rolled clay beads for one project!”

The beauty of Mud is that they are always up for the challenge, often pioneering the craft of ceramics and beading to ensure beautiful installations come to life around the world.

Mud is carving out a name for itself – one ceramic piece and one clay bead at a time!

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