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Limited Edition Soy Candle Collaboration

Juliet from Cosmic Lucky Bag Art Studio is very excited to announce a new collaboration with the amazingly talented illustrator and ceramicist, Natalie Edwards. Natalie is the creative mind behind Propa Creative Studio, a design and ceramics studio based in Johannesburg. She currently produces limited edition, handmade ceramic objects ranging from planter pots and water spikes to incense holders.

LEFT: Juliet White (Cosmic Lucky Bag) and RIGHT Natalie Edwards (Propa Creative Studi

The two met in art school in 2003 and have been good friends and great co-workers on many different projects including the museum exhibits that can be seen on each floor of the Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital in Cape Town. This dynamic and multitalented duo have teamed up once again to bring out a small edition of handcrafted soy candles set in stylish and unique ceramic bowls.

Soy wax is a natural vegetable oil, making it petro-soot free with a very low melting temperature that is safe on skin and easy to clean off any surface. The wood wicks create a beautiful warm crackle adding to the nature-driven themes both artists use frequently in their work. Both are passionate about nature and finding creative ways to live respectfully and non-invasively. The scent used in the wax is lemongrass with soft vanilla notes, which can be used for any occasion, but is especially effective in deterring flies, gnats and mosquitoes without putting harmful chemicals into the air.

The conscious use of biodegradable materials makes these functional art objects safe in the home and on the environment as well as reusable once the candle has burnt out. The beautifully hand crafted bowls can be easily washed with warm water and soap, ready to be used as pot planters, decorative containers or dip bowls.


Juliet’s signature delicate line work and use of solid black ink is echoed in Natalie’s stylish ceramic design. The lines are made to be organic and flowing, some reminiscent of leaves and grass while others bring to mind a sunrise or the river’s path across a landscape. Each candle is completely unique in its shape and style and there will never be two of the same.


The 220ml candles have an expected burn time of 20 hours.

Each candle sells for R440.

Contact Juliet or Natalie for orders or queries about specific designs.

Follow them on Instagram: @CosmicLuckyBag and @NataliePropa

Or email:

Natalie – nataliepropa@gmail.com

Juliet – cosmicluckybag@gmail.com



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