Women’s Day: For her, for us.

There’s a powerful energy in the modern day woman today. She is fierce, but kind, assertive, but understanding and outspoken, but genuine. You would think all these traits would come naturally to woman, but often, our grace and independence is something that we teach ourselves rather than something we know. Today in South Africa, we honour all those who honour themselves for Women’s Day. We are amongst some of the most innovative, strong-willed and passionate individuals, who are using their voice and work to better their communities and cities in a positive manner. Whether it’s through design, art, space curation or interiors, in every industry, there is a woman standing strong and working on her imprint. One such woman carving her unique craft on the world is Katherine Pichulik, who believes in the essence of the brave woman. The brand PICHULIK is inspired by the intimate relationship women have with jewellery – it speaks of Katherine’s travels, her mother or grandmother and the people she has loved.If the brand was a person, she would have a wicked sense of humour,  a strong yet inspired presence. She is thoughtful about the nature of today, speaks highly of her yesterdays and has opened her craft and design to a world of forever more tomorrows.

  One of Joburg’s greats, Millisuthando Bongela aka Miss Milli B is a culmination of her experiences, thoughts and perspectives of her innermost sanctum and external world. Former co-owner of the boutique MeMeMe, blogger,  member of the Feminist Stokvel and a recent addition to the Mail & Guardian arts and culture section leading the way as editor, this powerhouse of a woman is tackling the world with one authentic step at a time. Tearing down boundaries on race and gender, spotlighting where style and artistry can be found, and always sharing herself with the digital sphere in an honest and approachable manner, Milli is a force to be reckoned with – she is reminder to all woman that one can be brave and vulnerable, and share her experiences with heart and with conviction.
  Former magazine editor Jackie Burger opened up Salon58 for women of all ages, walks of life and talents. To Jackie, Salon58 is considered a prized stamp in the passport of her life, one that has been filled with challenges, opportunities and a multitude of personal and emotional rewards. The route she has taken is dotted with inscriptions of beauty, discovery and personal growth and has led her to become what she had always hoped: a woman who, in the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “believes in the beauty of her dreams”. According to Jackie, Salon 58 is the expression of one of these dreams, to create “some place of magic” where we can kick off our shoes and connect while enjoying one of life’s ultimate pleasure, that of good company.
Although this is a minute grouping of women in a large and diversified network in South Africa, they have caught our attention since their beginnings and we salute them for believing in their worth and remind you ladies out there to believe in yours too.

Happy Women’s Day


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