The best light since sliced bread

Say hello to Toast lights; these hand-made creations were inspired by a once-off need to collate and display a vast collection of bread tags collected over the years. When illuminated, the wafer thin plastic silhouettes of the tags are transformed into radiant pieces which are suspended in orbit around the light bulb – the varying degrees of translucency and colour work together to charm the eye. Making the lamp requires time intensive labour, skilled hands and a few hundred bread tags.  Every tag is carefully drilled, placed and linked by hand to form a playful chain-mail. These fluid shades are not rigid. They morph and flex, yielding to the breeze and inquisitive touch to create a truly unique lighting solution for interior spaces. Toast is a proud supporter of the organisation “Breadtags for Wheelchairs” which aims to raise funds to purchase wheelchairs for the disabled by collecting and recycling bread tags.


Toast breadtaglight img3



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