Summertime soiree with Boardmans

The time has come to open the house to the outdoor warmth and soft breeze so summertime can embrace us. The sun is setting later and the weekends are reserved for splashing about in the pool and hosting braais or finding great picnic spots so we can spend as much time as we can in the outdoors. Make your summer soiree possible with the help of Boardmans and their range of outdoor tableware settings, towels to cosy in after a good swim and barbeque utensils. Look forward to lazy Sundays as you fall into the comfort of large scatter cushions or sprawl your body against a lounger, with the company of our vases providing a holding place for a selection of the aromas of vibrant blossoms. Enjoy a light colourful meal with our place mats and tableware, inspired to cool you down and spend time with the people you love.


Shopping List:

  1. Multi-coloured Sun-Tan Dog Beach Towel
  2. Green Plastic Embellished Wine Glass and Turquoise Embellished Hiball Plastic Glass
  3. Ripple-Infuser-Bottles
  4. Koziol Set of 4 Small Bowls
  5. Cup With Straw
  6. Jamie Oliver Park Charcoal Portable Braai
  7. Beach Towels
  8. Swirl-Straw-Tumblers



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