Spotlight: Ziora Collectables

From bespoke jewellery and fine art to collectables, Ziora curates an online showcase of the finest South African antique stores, private collections, furniture designers, art galleries and collectable shops to the world.

With an already well-established vendor base growing by the week, Ziora aims to have the most desirable furniture, fine art, jewellery and collectables in the country, in one convenient and reputable online store. Here you can browse the top items that the country has to offer in one place at your convenience without leaving your address. Enjoy the secure payment system as well as shipping direct your doorstep.
Furniture and Collectables A range of high-quality vintage, antique and contemporary furniture can be found online through Ziora, which brings you furniture that exhibits masterful craftsmanship and beautiful materials. There is also a vast array of collectables on offer, from cutlery to grandfather clocks, and even an antique projector. Find collectables from the likes of James Deakin & Sons, Mappin and Webb, and many more. Ziora shoppers can also request an appraisal from the independent SAADA (South African Antique, Art & Design Association), a member of CINOA (The International Confederation of Dealers in Works of Art).
Fine Art Ziora stocks various types of fine art – including sculptures and carvings, as well as watercolour and oil paintings, among others. Online you will find breath-taking examples of fine art by artists from all around the world, in a variety of genres from contemporary art to prints, paintings and more. The items listed on the website are exclusive to Ziora. To view these items anywhere else, you would have to go into the establishments during their various trading hours or by appointment only. Most of the items are photographed by the Ziora team, and if a customer is not satisfied with their purchase, a seven-day return policy applies.

Jewellery Ziora showcases a beautiful selection of jewellery and you can browse the various options online and select from a variety of bangles, bracelets, brooches, cufflinks, earrings, lockets and more! They also boast a stunning collection of superior watches. For peace of mind, the Ziora website has the latest industry standard payment facilities in place; an SSL certificate and partnering with Peach Payments in South Africa and Paypal for international payments. If you prefer to do an EFT or pay directly to the vendor, this is also an option. Vendors benefit from International exposure, online payment facilitation and secure worldwide shipping provided. Only reputable and well-established companies are represented.

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