Rustic-chic interiors

The appeal in rustic lies in our attraction to all things slow, handmade and aged. The tradition of its decor is found mostly in farmhouses, where you see decor easily blending antiques with country accessories. Taking over interior trends more and more, the rustic chic look does not depend on a uniform look; it rather calls for mixing and matching items that will create an out of the box look. Looking for tips on how to get the rustic feel and look? Try these:

  • Mixing contemporary pieces with classic and rustic items to give rooms a new transitional twist.
  • Stylish use of rustic elements in the interior space — like rough wood beams for ceilings.
  • Use of natural elements like rock, wood and stone for both exteriors and interiors.
  • Use of natural fabrics like cotton and jute for curtains and other upholsteries.
  • Lots of natural light in the room to help accentuate the natural feel.
  • Use of wood, leather, metal and at times ceramics to make rooms more earthy and warm.
  • Use of solid colors in rugs and accessories while blending in earth tones with neutrals.
  • Use of repurposed materials in furniture and lighting with elements of nature abounding everywhere.




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