Pomme Pomme: Ice Cream colours for Spring

Crochet has a beautiful and natural design element to it. The stitching is often seen in throws, headwear and scarves, however to really highlight the art of crocheting, one needs to see its value in many products, which is why the creative team from Pomme Pomme has extended their skills into furniture pieces.

In their new range of floor cushions, they have played around with a soft and colourful palette, which gives the pieces a new feel and look. Trying out a sort of Neapolitana sorbet series of vibrancy in their pieces, their appeal lies in the comfort and versatility of placement in the home. “While grey is so very, very cool and natural, so achingly hipster, we feel that spring is the time to add a little ice-cream colour.” – Pomme Pomme If you’re looking to add calm colouring schemes to your already existing tones, then these floor cushions are a great way to do so. They can be used in stacks or standalone pieces and can be easily shifted into different spaces or rooms for a diverse range of uses.

Contact:  Pomme Pomme


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