Poetry: Gift yourself with this wishlist


Often our wish lists, whether it’s for Secret Santa or family and friends, are generally items we love but never gift ourselves because we don’t see it as necessary. Well for this Xmas, give yourself the gift of self-love and tell your loved ones about all the goodies you have your eye on from Poetry. Think scented candles, fragrance diffusers, artisanal nougat and linen fresheners.

Fall in love with this comforting, decadent and relaxing scent of Vanilla with Poetry’s Vanilla Diffuser. This lovely diffuser is filled with the finest selection of fragrance oils and boasts an elegant, frosted glass bottle which comes along with a cork detailed screw lid. This decorative and easy-to-use diffuser also includes bamboo reeds which should be placed inside the diffuser to bring about gorgeous bursts of fragrance. Upon first use, insert all the reeds into the oil mixture and within a couple of hours, the reeds will have become soaked with fragrance. This locally made diffuser is 10cm x 7.5cm and 200 ml in size, lasts for more than 3 months to add character and femininity to your living space. To maximize your diffuser, turn the reeds around when required to release beautiful bursts of fragrance.   Incorporate a beautiful scent into your home with this Sweet Grace Candle In Jar. Each candle sold feeds one child for one day. These Bridgewater candles are associated with Rice Bowls, an organization that educates orphanages and feeds children throughout Haiti, India, Rwanda, Ethopia and South Africa to name a few. Rice Bowls ensures that the money is spent properly and assist in healthy menu planning for the children. The chic packaging and black lid with pastel shade incorporate femininity and a modern edge each candle design.   Get organised in a cool way with this boho-chic Small Wrapped Peacock Embossed Leather Note Book. This rectangular-shaped book boasts a sturdy leather design, an embossed print and a synthetic cord closure.   For these gifts and plenty more, visit Poetry to compile your wishlist.  


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