Mint-co Gift Shop

From the moment Nicola Scott from WantIProducts of locally produced products in South Africa walked into the Mint-co Gift Shop in Fish Hoek, she could feel that this little shop has a “lot of heart”. They spend a lot of time giving their clients a true sense of care with a very happy shopping experience and every corner has been carefully considered by the owner Hanici Bredenkamp. The more time you spend looking at all the carefully selected locally made products, the more you notice the attention to detail. “I was privileged to spend time in the store taking photos. I couldn’t help but overhear the comments from the clients saying things like: ‘I had to come back for more,’ ‘It’s a gift from one heart to another,’ and so the client conversations continued with the friendly shop assistant Shelagh as they chatted away.” Choices Your choices start with the stunning pendants, bracelets and earrings made by The Pendant Warehouse, (also owned by Hanici), and then you get lost in the beautiful textiles and products of the Tretchikoff Project, Peppertree and Mongoose bags. Before you know it, you are testing the product ranges of Simply Bee and smelling the handmade soaps made by Antjies. The ranges are endless and absolutely stunning. It truly felt like I stepped into a little nostalgic moment where I could stay on just a little longer. The owners Hanici and Barend Bredenkamp opened Mint-Co Gift Shop last year after looking for a shop to start retailing with her own product range – The Pendant Warehouse. It is a well-known jewellery range that is available in gift shops nationally. When they got the opportunity to start Mint-Co Gift on their doorstep in Fish Hoek, they jumped at it and created a wonderful shopping experience in the new shop. “I can only describe the Mint-Co Gift Shop experience as magical and much, much more than just a giftshop in Fish Hoek. It is a shopping destination for quality, unique, local handmade gifts and more,” says Nicola. At the Mint-Co Gift Shop you will be able to buy the following proudly South African brands: The Pendant Warehouse, Simply Bee, Pepper Tree bags, Mongoose bags, Hearts and Home, Fanel, Heart of Africa, Crafty Beach, Cakegoed, Sven Craft, Tretchikoff Project, La Grace, GLMS, Luna C and Small Talk.

Facebook : Address: Shop 9, Town square, Fish Hoek For more inforamtion on lcally manufactured products in South Africa visit Want I Product here



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