Make your home a green space

Whether you live in a cosy apartment or in a massive freestanding home, bringing greenery into your home, no matter what size it may be, allows for balance and depth in any interior. Plants and greenery are the staples of living – add these to your interiors and enjoy the many benefits they offer.

Healthier air Plants are not just pretty on the eyes – they serve a practical purpose in absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Houseplants actually work to clean our air and studies suggest that they have many added health benefits including reducing stress and helping to sharpen one’s focus. Reduced noise Did you know that strategically positioned plants in an office or living environment can help to limit noise? Big leafy greens in particular are great at muffling unwanted noise – a good tip for someone in a small apartment looking to block out the neighbours. Visually stimulating It is no secret that plants are naturally beautiful and appealing. There are so many options available to bring in different shades and colours, textures and sizes into your home. Not sure what will work in your space? Visit your local nursery and find out! Delicate and refreshing Besides visual appeal, plants also have a natural way of enhancing a calm and collected vibe within a space. There is something calming about a beautiful plant that puts us in touch with nature. Plants are thus a welcome break from the harsh realities of the concrete jungles of city life. In many ways, they are refreshing for the body and mind. Natural aromas The sweet-smelling fragrance of fresh flowers or plants are always welcome in the home environment where unsavoury odours may run rife in areas such as the bathroom or kitchen. The natural aroma of plants and flowers work to dull the intensity of such unwelcome odours, leaving your home smelling fresher for longer.

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