Kare Design: Trendy Golden Elements For Your Living Room

Gold is always inspirational within interior design but too much gold can give off the wrong impression. Keep things subtle and understated for a truly elegant ambience in your living room. Kare Design shows us how to achieve this ideal trend.

Check out some of our favourite finds now from Kare Design and learn to bring gold into your living room like a professional!

Gold accents

Gold does not have to be a main feature in your living room, but it should certainly be the co-star to your design. Bring it in through carefully curated accessories and furniture with subtle hints of this hue for an elegant and glamorous finish in your home.

A popping palette

Gold works well with a range of colours and shades but we particularly love the use of soft pastels and low key colours to complement this fresh tone. Take a look at Kare’s gorgeous Perugia armchair (1) in blush for an example of understated elegance with a touch of gold that is unmistakable and striking in the form of the legs.

Mix textures

Add contrast to your living room with a mix of textures and tones. Think velvets, wood, glass and plush fabrics to complement your golden accessories. This Gamble Green Sofa (4) by Kare Design is sure to impress with its beautifully soft and textured upholstery.

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