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Eco-friendly designer Joanna Orr has added a new range of Birch Ply animal sculptures to the Head On Design product range. The medium Elephant and Kudu wall-mounted trophy head sculptures are now available in Birch Ply. In addition, an elegant 1,9m wall-mounted giraffe bookshelf towers above its audience. Birch trees are a fast growing species which grow in abundance in the Northern Hemisphere and Baltic countries making them the ultimate renewable natural resource with every part of the tree being utilised. This means there is no destruction or disruption to biodiversity. Birch ply is a high quality, smooth hard plywood with a subtle grain. These majestic sculptures are finished with a non toxic, eco-friendly wax varnish giving the end product a fresh, natural finish. These sculptures are perfect for any interior space, come flat packed and are easy to assemble with clear instructions.


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