Haunted house ideas for Halloween

  If your Halloween style is more elegant, transformed and contemporary than the materials you see being used for kid’s themed parties, then you need to decide on a route to take to keep the spirit of the holiday alive in the home. To some people, a couple of candies by the front door is all they need to to to contribute to the modern take on the holiday, but if you’re one who loves a good theme and dresses their home up to fit the occasion, try these tips: Add a playful paper mask or a giant witch’s hat to a family photo or painted portrait. We recommend taping paper accessories to the frame or a glass front to avoid damaging your art. It’s a playful detail that won’t be missed from regular visitors and guests who know what your home looks like.

Looking for a focal point to decorate? Try creating a mantel scene with hauntingly beautiful ideas. Wrap black lace trim around white candles (just be careful when burning them) or drape a sheer white fabric across the mantel for a sophisticated take on faux cobweb.
Remember ‘Beauty & the Beast’ when Belle found the glass jar with the rose petals falling, and we all remembered at least that one detail when we retold the story to our friends and family? Well here’s one better: pretty much anything looks spookier when you put it under a glass cloche. Find cheap bell jars from Consol and then place feathers, vintage postcards, ink wells, even twigs from the backyard, underneath.
Switching out your white taper candles for pitch black ones is an inexpensive way to imbue your dining room with witchy vibes. You can even add an ethereal feel to the candelabras with greenery for a sophisticated Halloween dinner party.
Raid your linen closet for this idea: Pull out extra white sheets and drape them over armchairs, couches, or an ottoman. The idea not only evokes a haunted house, but will save your furniture from getting splashed with red wine if you’re hosting the annual ‘All Hallow’s Eve’ party this year.


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