GUILD: More than just objects

GUILD is more than just a fair of beautiful things, it represents the unification of dedicated, focused curators, designers and institutions who strive to persevere and provoke ground-breaking design. This year, GUILD was proud to introduce highly respected design authorities and work from Africa, USA, the Middle East, Britain and Europe, to present their unique insights to a fresh audience. The Lookout Deck, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, posed as the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of bubbly or ice-cold beer at The Striped House which was specially designed for the “modern-day explorer.” It is here that the visitors were able to indulge in the iconic brand’s newly released lagers and pilsners. Delicious cuisine from Vegabond was available throughout the fair, freshly prepared at their on-site eatery. GUILD is proud to have partnered with Stefan Antoni Associates for the conceptualisation and execution of the dramatic monolithic entrance to the Fair Held for the opening of GUILD international design fair. The awards recognise the industry’s top achievers for paving the way forward in local design and innovation. A total of six designers were given top honours under the categories ‘Future Growth’ and ‘Recognition of Excellence.’ A nod to both emerging designers and those who have already experienced success, the awards are judged by industry insiders to help support and grow local design trajectory. “These awards aren’t just about acknowledging extraordinary achievement, they are also about propelling the industry forward, giving the recipients a recognition that encourages and motivates them,” says Trevyn McGowan, co-founder of Southern Guild and the awards. Recognising an advanced and original product that is inspirational, aspirational and at the top end of the market, the Object that Moves Award is sponsored by 100% Design South Africa. This year, it was given to David Krynauw for his Haywire Chandelier. “Our aim is to make a radical difference to the industry. We want to give support to the development of designers, both established and emerging, helping to integrate good business models and building a more vibrant and professional design industry,” says McGowan.



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