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Afritaly has some of their best products to share with you this season. Enjoy browsing through the variety of brands, designers and products which we have carefully selected for you between the top and most renowned brands from Italy.  Think inspiring, creative and educational- we have it all. Please visit our Kartell Flagship Store in Cape Town and our new store in Johannesburg for more exciting products. Christmas is getting closer, so here are some great ideas to choose from:

CONSTANTIN Brand: Cassina Designer: Studio Simon Table with base in solid waxed oak. Round sheet brass table top. Paying tribute to the work of Brancusi two elements which could be manufactured industrially have been put together to create this piece.
SHITAKE Brand: Moroso Designer: Marcel Wanders Shitake is a mushroom which grows on tree trunks and in Dutch its name means “a bench for elves”. Marcel Wanders has experimented with the potential offered by rotational moulding to design a stool with an irregular, ironic shape which is reminiscent of a mushroom. The result is fun, irreverent yet enriched by the careful working of its surface which has been decorated to give the impression that it is covered in raised embroidery. The stools are hollow so that they can be filled with water, sand or other materials and resealed with the removable cap.

1. ABBRACCIAIO Brand: Kartell Designer: Ferruccio Laviani Even if they are no longer used for lighting, candles still shed the light of the designer’s creative spark thanks to design supports that lend them contemporary appeal. Abbracciaio is an aluminium casting of two shapes which, when placed one in front of the other, become a loving embrace. The two structures composing the candelabra link together giving the piece stability. Elegant and poetic, Abbracciaio holds two candles and is produced in two finishes and various colours: one in aluminium polished silver, gold and gun metal, and the other in white and black matte.
2. FISH CHAIR Brand: Cappellinni Designer: Satyendra Pakhalé Small plastic armchair entirely manufactured with the rotational technology. The external surface is available in red, yellow, gypsum white and blue; the seat’s internal surface is always white.
3. TOY Brand: Zanotta Designer: Todd Bracher Polypropylene frame and glossy lacquer finish in colours.

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