#diywednesday: Choosing the right tool for the job

Xmas time and the festive season means getting our homes in order and what a great way to start than with Builders Warehouse. It doesn’t matter whether you are a carpenter, electrician, plumber or concreter, we have all the tools you need. Here a few handy tips to help you: Remember when using power tools to wear the correct safety items. This means tying up long hair, taking off jewellery and try to stay away from loose fitting clothing. Use a safety mask, glasses and ear plugs, as well as gloves to prevent minor injuries. Nails can be used to to join two pieces of wood or attach something to wood or brick. If your nails are going to be used for an outdoor project, then choose ones that won’t corrode or rust. When it comes to screws, be sure to use the right one paired with specific materials and for specific materials. Remember to always choose the correct size. For power planers, use a piece of scrap wood to rest the nose of your planer when putting it down. Make sure the blades don’t touch the work surface as they could get blunted or soiled. For more information on choosing the right tools, you can do it your self with the Builders Warehouse tool guide here: http://www.builders.co.za/content/Choosingtherighttoolsforthejob.pdf



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