Digital Gallery – Top 6 artwork picks this month

Interior designers, architects and private clients approach us for new artworks, usually having left little time and budget for this important finishing touch. With the wide selection of top SA artists instantly available, and the online printing and framing service offered, we’re often told that this facility has been a lifesaver at the end of a tiring project. Here are our 6 top picks for artwork this month:

  1. Seascapes and Landscapes: South African seascapes and landscapes are still our most popular request for hotel and commercial projects. Digital Gallery offers varied imagery, and product options, to suit any décor style. Silverback Acrylic prints are popular for minimalist or modern office projects.

2. Local:  Choosing geographically significant imagery ensures that the artwork choice is personal and relevant, bringing the surroundings into the heart of the space. We’ve recently helped a client revamp their entire office space with Durban only imagery and can’t wait to share those installation images with you.   3. Wildlife: Not everyone’s taste, but wildlife is still in great demand for commercial and residential projects in South Africa. Digital Gallery has a diverse collection of abstract, classic and wildlife landscape images to suit any project that needs just a little, or a lot, of a wildlife feel.

4. Botanical: Black and white or colour botanical prints work well in many spaces and are easy to live with. We specifically love large format botanical artworks for residential projects; they’re also a great and professional way to add a little softness to an office space. Contact: Digital Gallery


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