Spring time with DDL

A new home can be a wonderful place to start afresh. A white wall is the perfect canvas to paint your perfect interior décor, an old set of tiles is a great reason to revamp the flooring and an empty space gives you the formula to create an inspired look for your home. DDL Design & Decor lab has some great ideas to revamp the space just in time for Spring.

Victorian Luxury Style:

Do you want to feel like a British aristocrat?  This is the way to go. This is the old school luxury look comes alive with geometrically sustained furniture, custom wood furniture, some more colours, a few touch of darker nuances here and there, and magnificent carpets and rugs. Neo Modern Style: This is the way to go if you like simplistic purity. A bright setting, as little colours as possible, without any complex shades. Add custom blinds, ottomans instead of armchairs, dark tables for contrast, white leather sofas, high chairs for the tall dinner table, and almost no decorations. Oval shapes are a thing in the Neo modern styles, so the rounder the furniture, the better. Art Deco Productive Style: This interior design style also loves geometric shapes – embedded into furniture and decorations. A cabinet with mingling circles, a circular armchair, a square sofa, a triangular table with round legs, cubic lamp tables, and so on. The ‘productive’ style is all about abundance: the more lamp tables, ottomans and chairs,  the better.
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