Industrial Chic Warehouse living

Highlighting an assortment of shapes in the furniture, flooring and items mounted on the walls, this Industrial Chic Warehouse sets the tone for Urban Couture’s latest designs. Using natural oak and earthy tones with pops of colour in the bedroom and kitchen, this space acts as an opening for dwelling. Showcasing landscape imagery and lengthened old tree branches carved as art pieces on the shelves, with a mirror hanging over the fireplace, the lounge area’s texture is visceral and complete. The finishing touches on the wood makes it feel like it was located by the coast, and the kitchen looks inviting as it extends onto the balcony.

Industrial Chic Warehouse4
Industrial Chic Warehouse1
Industrial Chic Warehouse2
Industrial Chic Warehouse3
Inside Out Photographer: Fiona Galbraith Stylist: Nicole Valentine Don


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