What Nobody Tells You About Buying Your First Home

Your first home can be the greatest joy and the biggest source of stress. Even though you have so much space, can paint the walls whatever colour you want to and can make plans for, like, 10 years from now and know you’ll probably be living in the same space. Remember: – Things can break at any moment Always arrange for an inspection to determine if there are any pressing repairs that need to be finished before the sale, or factored into your contract. This means looking at things like the air conditioner, the leaky ceilings, the laundry room and termites. Always save for unpredictable repairs. – You can’t know or predict everything Don’t be too impulsive, look around- whether you make on offer on the first place you see, or take months to conduct a thorough search to find the perfect place, there are still things about your home that you’re going to learn. The best thing you can do to really understand what it would be like to live in a place is to talk to your neighbours and the seller.

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