Red Dane™ – Man’s Best Friend

With no animal testing, no artificial colours or any ingredients from animal sources, our paraben-free products make it easier for you to have younger and healthier looking skin. All our Red Dane™ products have been designed specifically for men from scratch with the finest ingredients available in South Africa. With all of our focus on the male skin, our products were created to work simply, luxuriously and effectively while dealing with the specific issues men face: ageing and wrinkled skin, pH balance, oiliness or dry skin, razor burn and irritation. Each product was designed to not only give you immediate short term benefits with a highly efficacious experience, but with continued use, the product offers you a much healthier and younger looking skin. In the end you can count on Red Dane™ to give you a superior product “Defined by nature, perfected by science and designed specifically for man!”

Red Dane


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