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Good things from Kartell’s collection boasts a wide palette of tones across ceiling lights to table lamps . They have helped to push forward technological advances in plastic furniture.  An emblem of Italian design around the world, Kartell’s innovative approach stems from founder Giulio Castelli who started the company in 1949. A success story told through an incredible series of products, their designs have become part of the domestic landscape, with many assuming the status of contemporary icons. Collaborating with prestigious international designers such as Philipe Starck and Ferruccio Laviani, Kartell have continued to break the mould. Having quickly established themselves as innovators of new production methods, they have helped to push forward technological advances in plastic furniture and lighting to create novel forms and finishes. We are especially fascinated with these designs below as they are so innovative and contemporary.  


  1. Light Air Designer– Eugeni Quitllet Light-Air’s good looks and features are evolving. In addition to sconce and hanging versions, Light-Air is also available in a table version with a rectangular transparent technopolymer or mass-dyed frame, containing a conical parabola with a diffuser sculpted in the same plastic material. The sculpted versions of the wall sconce and hanging versions are available in a variety of colours

 2. Toobe Designer– Ferruccio Laviani Toobe is available in both floor and table lamp versions. It was conceived from the idea of using a PMMA extruded tube, which creates a surprising smoked effect thanks to an innovative colouring technology. With simple and modern lines, Toobe diffuses a soft and warm light. It comes equipped with an energy-saving bulb that lasts up to ten times longer and consumes five times less energy than a conventional incandescent bulb. The handle in the lamp body makes the pole functional and easy to move.


3.  Cindy Designer– Ferruccio Laviani The table lamp typical of the seventies given new form and colour. The Cindy lamp with a conical lampshade and rounded teardrop base comes in a broad range of all matte metallic tones: platinum, dark gold, mint green, orange, blue, pink, gun metal and violet. Cindy’s special feature is its shiny chrome-like finish that gives it just that twist of the contemporary, that touch of richness, radiating a multitude of iridescent reflections.


4. Comeback  Designer– Patricia Urquiola Kartell has fun revisiting a great classic and gives a new look to the Windsor chair. A return to the glorious past of England in the XVIIIth century for a “Comb Back” version of the chair with an opaque texture featuring a backrest consisting of seven “teeth” which spread out towards the lumbar region where they meet a reinforced hexagonal rim with slim shafts radiating down to join the seat. A goodly size, this single mould chair embodies functionality and ergonomics well-freighted with sentiment and memories. The use of plastic and the use of pastel colours on offer give a touch of lightness and the contemporary to the Comback chair The Comback comes in several modernised versions – the “swivel” model with four spokes and a central swivel shaft and the “sled” with two slim tubular sides

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