Black Friday: Prestwich collection gift guide

Black Friday can be exciting: it’s the one time of year you can be sure that basically whatever you love is available online. This is especially so when it comes to Lynn Shapiro of Prestwich Collection who has some pretty great Black Friday specials to offer today. Lynn  has broken  her favorite shares with us from her online store on some of her favorite products. Prestwich Collection features a range of gorgeous goods carefully curated to inspire you to live a beautiful life. They feature an ever-expanding range of beautiful lifestyle goods, including stunning stationery, gorgeous homeware, oh-so-pretty jewellery and stylish accessories. They have carefully curated their store by offering high-quality, unique and stylish products which they believe will serve to inspire and enrich your daily life. Take a look at the products below and get shopping!


  1. Black Teardrop Raw Stone Ring 2.  Good Money II Bracelet

    3. Tote Bag  4. Love Search Print5. Birds Brass on Charcoal Cushion Cover

    6. Copper Foil On Black Prints




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