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What beauty we find when we enter the world of photographer and designer, Clinton Friedman  images are a true celebration of the life around us…bold, graphic, affectionate, absolute and honest. A passionate and down to earth man with a strong connection to nature, and he shows his curiosity for his environment by capturing uniquely personal perceptions on camera.

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He then shares these images with us by transforming them into beautiful things for the home, an equally magical result. Clinton is the creative director behind the clintonfriedman collections brand where they are passionate about innovation, design & manufacturing. His business is dynamic, unconventional and visionary where quality is of huge importance. clintonfriedman collections aims to encourage people to grow more conscious of nature and to enjoy the natural beauty within ourselves and the one that surrounds us. His stunning works bring the outstanding outside world inside, bringing that pure, calm and natural beauty to our homes.
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Clinton friedman collections is a proud supporter of Fauna-Flora International – Contact:.


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