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The Cape Gallery Presents Tyrone Appollis

Tyrone Appollis will be on exhibition at the Cape Gallery from Thursday, 2 November 2017 in a beautiful showcase of colour.

Tyrone’s identity is vested in the culture of his society. He speaks ‘of the people for the people’. In mood and aspect his vibrant works reflect a positive outcome, a wish fulfilled and a dream come true. In the very expression of that wish however, lie tensions that suggest the reality might be otherwise. An active harbour is a rich source of incident and drama, a location perfectly suited to his role of visual narrator. ’Catch me at Hout Bay’ embodies the aspirations of the Hangberg community. The scene is touristic idyll, playful. With a light, humorous touch he portrays a young girl casting her line across the bay to catch a fish – the smoke from the chimney of the fish factory signals it is busy.

In reality this community finds itself on prime real estate, with no room for growth – the overfished waters no longer a source of income. What lies in the future? Tyrone trained as a signwriter. Mentored by Cecil Skotnes at the Community Arts Project in the ‘70s he draws inspiration from many precedents; storytelling devices used by the Italian ‘Primitive’ Fra Angelico, the passion of post-impressionist artist Vincent van Van Gogh, the emotional line and strong rhythms of Sekoto and more. His intuitive use of radiant colour commands attention.

Tyrone chooses to stay in South Africa. ‘I can go to Clifton Beach and find Italy… the South of France in Franschhoek… I have everything I need.’ – Gail Dorje Born 1957 in Cape Town, Tyrone held his first solo exhibition at the age of 14 under the auspices of Students’ Health and Welfare Centre Organisation Shawco and the Cape Flats Development Association. In 1982 he studied part-time for five years at the Community Arts Project, culminating in a year of full time study at the Foundation School of Art in 1988.

Selected Public and Corporate Collections include: Constitutional Court of South Africa Collection, Johannesburg; Durban Art Gallery; Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town; Iziko South African National Gallery, Cape Town; Mayibuye Centre, University of the Western Cape; Metropolitan Life Insurance Ltd; National Department of Education, Pretoria; National Gallery of Namibia, Windhoek; Norton Museum, Florida; Pretoria Art Museum; Sasol Art Collection; Sanlam Art Collection; University of Cape Town; University of Kansas.

For further information contact The Cape Gallery at or call (021) 423 5309.

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