Beautiful and breathtaking

Feast your eyes upon a majestic setting in St. Francis Bay, decorated by La Grange Interiors. The brief called for crisp, fresh and contemporary elements with a “barefoot luxury” feel. La Grange has accomplished all that and more by staying true to the traditional style of architecture that St. Francis is renowned for. The home, which will be used as the meeting place of three generations of family members, poses as the ideal spot for new memories to be made. The La Grange brand translates sophistication through every piece, hand-picked or designed by Sumari herself, telling an exotic tale. It’s Sumari’s passion for the extraordinary that takes her on adventures all over the world, from low-key crafters’ workshops to artisan families and dusty antique stores. Sumari’s quest to discover unique, hand-made items that her clientele will love is ever-going. In order to sure that La Grange’s showroom always boasts an element of surprise and intrigue, stock is changed from week to week, meaning you’re sure to find something new and exciting to delight your eyes. Be sure to head down to the brand’s Kramerville showroom to enjoy 50% off selected furniture items and accessories until the 5th of March (open from 09:00 – 17:00).



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