Returning artists to Cape Gallery

David Kuijers and Tania Babb have been exhibiting together at The Cape Gallery since 2005. Their playful use of colour, form and line combined with a witty sense of humour make them a natural combination for the light-hearted spirit that comes with the summer months. David Kuijers has delighted viewers and established an eager following with his unmistakable graphic style. The composition of various imagery and word play in his works display his keen sensitivity for angles of communication, both visual and verbal. His notable commissions include work for The President Hotel, Sea Point; The Radisson Hotel, Granger Bay; Constantia Medi Clinic and Da Vinci Hotel, Johannesburg. This is the eleventh consecutive year that David will exhibit at The Cape Gallery over Christmas. This year’s exhibition will include quite a few of the originals that were used for his Giclee prints. These are, in David’s view, some of his better attempts and have been held back until now. Tania Babb uses her medium to explore people and their relationships to themselves, to others and to animals. While her fluid forms initially allude to light-hearted narratives that exhibit her uniquely quirky sense of humour, they often go deeper to reveal inner attitudes, frailties and strengths. Tania is a successful ceramist with a background in graphic design. After completing her studies at Ruth Prowse, she apprenticed to Barbara Jackson before attending a ceramic and life drawing course at the Surrey Institute, UK. Tania has exhibited internationally in France, Korea, Germany, London and USA. Her work reached the finals of the Brett Kebble Art Awards in 2003.

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