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Cobra Art Company is a European studio and a global leader in photographic art. Their unique style is all these things: avant-garde, chic, daring, sophisticated, refreshing and just totally cool. They work with the world’s top photographers and the attention to detail in the manufacturing of their pieces is simply stunning.


Their offerings are now available locally in South Africa through DCore Art & Soul Design, the specialist suppliers of decorative art designed to perfectly suit almost every living and working environment.

Last Supper By Cobra Art

All pieces from Cobra Art Company are extremely limited edition and are an investment in fashion for your walls. They offer photographic art on plexiglass, on dibond and paintings.

Veil of Dreams

Styles like modern, lifestyle, urban art, artistic nude and abstract are presented in a refreshing way. Customers are typically high-end furniture stores, interior designers, stylists and project designers.

Blissful Dreams

With an eye for detail, a good sense of colour and interior design and a wealth of experience, Cobra Art Company always strives to produce innovative concepts and mesmerising art.

They participate in international exhibitions in France, USA, Spain, England and Asia where they display the latest high-end collections twice annually in a luxurious setting.

Their work is now available locally through agents DCore Design where you can bring an international masterpiece home!

Gazing Still

For more visit DCore.


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