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Artist Spotlight: Vero Sharp – D-Core Art & Soul Design

Bring the beauty of colour, light and texture into your interior with the works of Vero Sharp, now available locally through D-Core Art & Soul Design.

Vero Sharp is a contemporary artist born in 1975 in Prague, Czech Republic. She is currently living and working between Germany and Spain.

Vero Sharp combines two and three-dimensional mediums on structured wood. She creates bulges, bubbles, and drips by using resin adhesive and acrylics, changing the appearance with a scraper and using her hands and arms. As such, her work is a textural delight – adding vibrancy, tone and aesthetic interest to any space.


Vero is a painter, printmaker and best known for her technique of utilizing acrylic paint and resin with a scraper on structured wood to produce bulbous ridges and forms on the surfaces of her works. She has a master’s degree in design and is fascinated by powerful images that says something without the need for explanation.

Today her works can be found in the galleries and collections of Zürich, Africa, Paris, New York and Dubai, among others.


Clearly, Vero Sharp, with her aesthetic concept, meets the taste of art lovers – even those with great financial resources. Often, large-format black-and-white photographs form the basis for the paintings with the imaginative and highly aesthetic overpaintings with acrylic and also with oil, montages and collage techniques.

Floral-fire Print on Wood

Vero’s art opens  a wide range of possibilities of expression, especially since her experimentation seems to spark joy in a playful mix of textures and abstract works.


If you are looking for the ideal art to enhance your living space or office, D-Core Art & Soul Design are specialists to help you source the perfect piece to suit you. You can also find some of Vero’s art available here.

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