Kori Interiors: Handy Tips For Purchasing Bespoke Furniture

Bespoke furniture is tailored according to how you want to use it and where it is to be located in your home. Bespoke furniture can be pricey but it is a worthy investment in achieving that aesthetic glow. Kori Interiors offers stellar bespoke, creative interior services, be it for your home or office.

Many people in South Africa have embraced Bespoke furniture as an aspect of interior design, and it is for that reason that we share with you some factors to consider before purchasing any bespoke furniture. Here is what to consider:

Quality of the material

The growing number of furniture producers in South Africa has seen an increase in the use of poor quality materials. Off the shelf, furniture is the most affected. However, if you desire quality and durable furniture, go for bespoke furniture.


Stock furniture can at times make your living room look dull. You can mitigate this by purchasing custom-made furniture. Not only does your furniture look more authentic, but you get furniture that is per your requirements.  Bespoke furniture can be used for both home and office interior design.

Your Design

Off the shelf, furniture limits you to the only available designs. However, for bespoke furniture, you can come up with a design and have it developed from scratch.

Better Quality Build

The amount of resources and time spent in creating custom furniture guarantees a quality product. Custom furniture involves detailed attention to quality; this is unlike stock furniture which is assembled quickly.

How it Fits

Stock furniture can present a daunting task of trying to fit it into the available space. This causes you to end up with a less than ideal furnishing. With custom furniture, you have it built to the exact fit hence an ideal furnishing.

Our Verdict

Bespoke furniture and fittings are the way to go if you desire an ideal furnished office or home. The furniture fits in the available space well and you get what you desire.

From minor home refurbishments and remodeling of a small space in your home, to extensive renovations, the team at Kori Interiors will work closely with you to bring to life the dream space you envision; from design stage to selection of fabric, textures, materials for finishes, your preferred colour pallet, artwork, room accessories and all other soft finishes.

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