Interior shades of Grey

The various shades of grey brought into this interior pronounces the character of the place. It makes you feel intrigued, yet amazingly comfortable as it compliments the natural wood flooring as well as the black and white decor. If you look carefully you will notice a subtle use of a mustard yellow color which works as a refreshing accent around the interior. The living area has a lot of personality jumping out, especially with the framed pictures blending in and the amazing use of String furniture to match up against the rest of the furniture around.

Shades Of Grey Interior1
Shades Of Grey Interior2
Shades Of Grey Interior3
Shades Of Grey Interior4
The bedroom is where the different shades of grey is brought to life in a prominent way. The colours work very well in conjunction with the subtle, yet very calming natural colours. Together creating a neat and well balanced interior.
Shades Of Grey Interior5
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