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4 Ways With Beautiful Decor Mirrors

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who has the fairest interior of them all? Here we share four simple ways to inject light into those dark areas around your home using beautiful decor mirrors to suit your style.

A mirror is far from just a functional piece in your home. It can project light into those dark spaces, make a room feel larger, and become a central feature if strategically placed in a room.

In an entryway

Place a mirror in the entrance of your home and allow the light to reflect inside. Once guest walk through your doorway, allow them to be greeted by a stylish mirror, above a feature table or along an entrance wall. A beautiful framed mirror will certainly add a stately or regal presence in an entryway. Think of those bold and luxurious entrances of five star hotels or grand lobbies – and achieve the look in your own home with a simple yet extravagant mirror in the entrance.

Above a mantel

Create a feature in the living room and strategically place a beautiful framed mirror above the fireplace or mantel. Allow it to become a statement piece in the living room. We love traditional gold framed mirrors, but round, square and even a collection of various sized mirrors in the living room can certainly transform your space and inject life and light into the room.

a Rue Magazine, photography by Jacqueline Marque

A sophisticated bathroom mirror

Add a little sparkle to a dull bathroom with a striking mirror. Don’t be afraid to go bold here with an extravagant frame or shape to make a statement in your bathroom. A simple round frameless mirror is another gorgeous trend that we love in modern, streamlined bathrooms, so choose wisely. The right mirror can enhance the overall look and keep things sleek and fresh in the bathroom.

In the dining room

Add a mirror to the walls of a dining room and watch the space feel bigger than it truly is. This is the magic that a simple mirror can have on any interior. The reflective qualities help to create the illusion of space. In a busy dining room, this is often a key element to create a sense of depth and luxury.

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