Young style

Blind Designs’ Designer Fabric 2015 collection boasts an entire range of fabric’s specifically pieced together for little ones but there are a few vital factors to consider when choosing the right blinds for your child’s bedroom. First and foremost is safety; installing a blind with a motorised mechanism, as opposed to a chord system, will help eliminate any dangers of strangulation among small children. Next, look for a functional fit; a blind that best suits the specific needs of your child’s room. Apart from the primary need to cover the windows for privacy, you may also want to consider secondary needs such as installing block-out blinds for your child to sleep later in the mornings (letting you get some much-needed rest too). Style is also an important element to consider. As children grow, their taste changes so be sure to look for a blind that is timelessly fashionable. This doesn’t mean you should shy away from prints or bold patterns completely, some fabrics are able to withstand the style test of time.



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