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Bedrooms May 26, 2022

Top Winter Trends with ILISI Interiors

Looking at this year’s winter colours, we want to inspire you to think beyond the dull neutral colours of winter. We’ve asked the team from ILISI Interiors to share some of the hottest winter trends to spice up our interiors this season.

Create a spark

Combine rich neutral greens with modern native or industrial-inspired colours. This brings a new warming spark to our South African homes.

Pair your natural colours with deep yellows or with a rustic mustard yellow. You can also incorporate all-loving leather pieces with these colours, such as those items now available from ILISI.

Furthermore, play around with patterns on softer colours to emphasise any cultural elements that symbolise our vast sense of South African flair.

Uniquely South African

Another great reason to snug up in your home is to embrace your travel collectables. All South African artefacts and memorabilia should be showcased and enjoyed in your warm and cosy living space or bedroom.

Use circular furniture items, especially chairs and couches. Their curved and rounded shapes subsequently make them more welcoming to fit any room in your home.

Whether it is in your bedroom or pyjama lounge, use them in comfort. Layer them with throws and scatter cushions matching the colour palette.

Our homes should always make our hearts warm with joy and comfort. Let the winter months in with their natural flair and inspire your style.

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