The Mattress Warehouse Unveils The Kooi Pure Range

An uncomfortable bed can wreak havoc on your mood, productivity and overall wellbeing. With the right mattress, you can get the rest your body needs to function at its best. The Mattress Warehouse unveils its latest Kooi Pure Range of mattresses for added comfort and pleasure in the bedroom.

The reality is that comfort levels differ per person and some people would prefer a firm mattress over a softer one. As each person’s needs differ, so we need to carefully consider our mattresses and make the right choice to meet our individual needs.

This is why we are excited about the new Kooi Pure range from The Mattress Warehouse. This range consists of Plush, Medium and Firm comfort mattresses – helping you make the right choice for the ultimate in comfort to suit your lifestyle.

You also have the option of three different bases and what’s more is that with any purchase of a Kooi bed, you will also receive a free sleep monitor… because we all know that good sleep is a cornerstone of good health!

Spring is the perfect time to revamp the bedroom and to get ready for those summer months. It’s time to pack away those heavy winter duvets and make room for fresh, light and inviting linen. The Mattress Warehouse also offers a range of summer duvet inners and light seasonal linen to offer your room that fresh, Spring feeling!

Declutter your bedroom, remove those bulky winter blankets, fitted sheets and duvet inners and prepare for the warmer nights by adding lighter duvet inners and sheets. You can shop an entire collection of quality linen at The Mattress Warehouse with the perfect accessories to add comfort to your Spring bedroom.

Shop the Kooi Pure range with seasonal linen from The Mattress Warehouse.


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