Tessa Sonik Fabrics: Our guide to superior bedding

As the crisp winter air begins to settle in, ensure that your bedroom oozes warmth and sophistication by selecting quality bedding and fabrics for the season. We take an insider’s look at the exquisite range of bedding on offer from Tessa Sonik Fabrics and we share some top tips to help you choose your own superior bedding this winter.

Choose warmth and comfort

Nothing quite compares to nestling in a warm bed during a cold winter’s night. Above all, bedding should offer warmth and help you regulate your body temperature. Choose linens that breathe and a duvet suited to colder weather. Nobody likes waking up with the shivers and frosty toes – so opt for thicker, quality winter fabrics to keep you warm and cosy this season.

Go for style and sophistication

When it comes to your choices in selecting bedding, choose a design that you love – after all, you will be the one spending the most time in your bedroom, so you might as well select something that speaks to you.

Maintain your bedding for a longer lease on life

Air your bedding and bedroom regularly to reduce humidity. Wash your bedding regularly, ensuring that you carefully follow the washing instructions. This will help to maintain the colours and texture of your bedding. When investing in bedding, make sure that you purchase the best quality products you can afford – superior quality will last longer. This may also help to ensure a good night’s rest, which is equally important for your health as diet or exercise. Need inspiration? Look no further than the exquisite fabric selections on offer from Tessa Sonik Fabrics this season. Here are some of our favourites now in store:

We love the neutral colour palettes which are very much on trend at present. Softer hues will certainly add elegance to your bedroom retreat without detracting from the overall design style of your space. These luxury fabrics are manufactured locally and made to last. You can’t go wrong with one of these luxurious creations.

For more visit www.tessasonik.co.za.


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