Sweet dreams are made of these

For many people, getting a quality night’s sleep is only a dream. Gone are the days of awaking refreshed and ready to tackle anything the day has in store. Statistics show that nearly one-third of the population suffers from chronic back pain, which significantly affects their standard of living. Support from the right mattress might just be the answer to this pressing issue, and the way forward to better health and a better way of living. Why suffer wakeful nights and constant tiredness? A decent mattress, although costly, is worth the investment. After all, your health and happiness comes first. Fortunately, Sanders South Africa always goes the extra mile to find sleeping solutions for restless nights and have devised a new range of mattresses, specially selected for superior support. The Black Forest Dream Sky and Rondo mattresses boast faultless body support through perfect relief due to carefully adapted surface segmentation. The 7-zone cylinder pocket springs allow for good air circulation and moisture transport, offering an ideal sleeping climate. The Dream Sky, Sanders South Africa’s show piece mattress, has double barrel pocket springs, individually sewn into textile bags, guaranteeing a high degree of point elasticity and physical comfort; each cylindrical pocket spring reacts independently and along with a climate-control layer made from comfort cold foam. The benefit of a high elasticity mattress? Reduced turning during slumber so you can get the most out of your sleeping regime.

Black Forest Dream Sky (High Res)
The Rondo, complete with an individual spring count of 1, 000, provides the back with excellent support and comfort. The German engineering of this particular mattress far surpasses any other, as a higher number of coils usually indicates a higher quality mattress. The luxurious mattress range comes with washable covers, as well as handles to assist you when changing sheets or repositioning your mattress. Say goodbye to the aches and pains of tiredness, and instead, wake up feeling rejuvenated and rested every morning.

For more information, visit the Sanders-South Africa showroom in Salt River Road or log onto www.sanders-southafrica.co.za


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