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Apr 10, 2020

Supreme Mouldings: 6 Ways With Art & Frames in The Bedroom

Let your personality shine in the bedroom with beautiful artwork and decor frames on your walls. If you’re not sure where to begin, follow our top tips to help you style your bedroom like a pro. 

Art: A black and white classic Nautilus set FP203

Hang your art at eye level

What is the perfect position for your artwork in the bedroom? Well, the experts agree that art should be hung at eye level, where you can comfortably see it to be able to enjoy it most. Remember, however, that your eye level may shift if you are seated. So, as a rule of thumb, if you’re mounting art over a sofa or bed, you should consider your eye level when using your furniture and mount your artwork accordingly.

Choose the right size

This is often a challenge. Is your art too big or too small for your bedroom? Size does matter and the incorrect size can actually detract from the beauty of your piece. Measure your walls accordingly and choose art to suit the space.

Framed prints for a baby nursery
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Bigger is often better

In most cases, bigger is always better when it comes to hanging art. Consider the size of the wall and mount the right size that won’t feel lost of out of place on the wall. If you’re looking for art above a headboard, a large frame will become a feature in this space.

Group art together

Create a feature wall with different framed pieces in the bedroom. You could also opt for different textural elements such as sculptural art and decor to add depth. This is a great way to create a vibrant, colourful space with added texture and depth in your room.

Less is more

Don’t go overboard with art. Choose your favourite pieces and allow these to make a statement in your room. After all, the bedroom should be a haven of peace and quiet, and if you go overboard with art in this space, you could create the illusion of clutter as opposed to tranquility.

Don’t forget to add a mirror

Mirrors are not exactly works of art, but they do function as a wonderful way to reflect light and colour in your space. In the bedroom, a full length mirror is a versatile and functional piece. Find the right spot – whether on a wall, closet or behind a door and mount a mirror you can use daily.

If you’re looking for a the right frame, decor, mirror, objet art, wood carvings, clocks and more for your bedroom, Supreme Mouldings has a large variety available to help you style your space like a pro.

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